Business Journal Acquired In 1986 With Purchase Of Scripps Howard Business Journal

American City Business Journals, Incorporated is an American business journal publisher based in Charlotte, North Carolina. ACBJ publishes The Business Journals – a quarterly magazine covering North Carolina business news, market trends, personal finance, and leadership. The Business Journal has been published continuously since 1974. It is published to cater to the needs of the businessmen and trade professionals involved in different types of businesses and industries. It provides information pertaining to local economy, business and industry news.

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The business journal attracts a wide range of readers from the major business community, government, educators, media, non-profit organizations, and other relevant parties. It, therefore, serves as a medium to disseminate information relating to business, economic development, education, and health sectors among others. It intends to cater to the need of the audience. It is a leading business publication in Charlotte.

American City Business Journals, Incorporated was established in Charlotte in February 1996 with the acquisition of existing publications by ACBJ, Inc., and the subsequent establishment of its own website. A New York edition of the business journal was later launched. In May 1996, American City Business Journals, Incorporated acquired Business Highlights magazine, a popular business magazine in the United Kingdom. The magazine had come to be known as Business Highlights due to its high-quality business stories and reports.

American Business Journal has gradually adopted open access policies. This policy means that the more current articles published in the business journal are made available to anyone willing to access it. Any reader who is interested can contact the journal at any time for further information on articles or for any advice on a particular topic. Since the majority of the business journal is published online, it has established online subscriptions.

In May 1986, the publication of the business journal was purchased from The Scripps Howard Business News Company by American City Business Journals, Inc., a public information service owned and edited by the former publisher, W. Clement Stone. The acquisition marked the beginning of a remarkable career for Stone, who became a prominent figure in the business community and an advisor to many companies. The advent of Internet technology enabled him to expand the business journal into an Internet-based journal. Today, Business Journal features articles on virtually every aspect of business, including business research, management, economics, technology, education, communications and health care. In addition, business news is regularly added to the business journal.

An innovative feature of the business journal is the fact that it is published every day. The business first started publishing the business journal on Monday mornings, followed by free online publication on Tuesday mornings. This was primarily an English-language journal, but in the past few years, the business journal has also published business news in German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and other languages. A number of major newspapers have also carried the business journal throughout the week, providing business information and a behind-the-scenes look at the business world. In recent years, business newspapers throughout the United States have also begun publishing business journal content.

Today, the business journal has attained a prominent position in the business media. Other daily newspapers around the country have also added business news topics and stories to their evening news broadcasts. Major television news shows include Business Journal Minute on NBC and Business News Network with Biz Newspapers. Several other cable television channels as well as numerous radio stations also provide business news programming.

The business first appeared in San Francisco Business Journal on April Fool’s Day in 1875. The original business journal was called The Examiner, and its purpose was to serve as an informal newspaper, similar to today’s popular consumer reporting services. Business Journal was acquired in 1986 with the purchase of Scripps Howard business journals. Today, the business first continues as a respected business newspaper, as well as a business journal. Many of its original subscribers remained loyal to business first, writing letters to the editor and volunteering to help support the publication.